JXBに向けて: LB#97 國方選手からのメッセージ


来るJapan X Bowlに向けて、各ユニット、そして山田晋三ヘッドコーチからファンの皆さまへのメッセージを掲載していきます。先ずトップバッターは、ディフェンスユニットを代表して、LB#97國方選手からのメッセージです。
(English text is followed.)
IBM BigBlue LB#97 國方 雄大

いつもBigBlueを応援頂きありがとうございます。皆様の応援のお陰で、今シーズンはBigBlue創部初のJapan X Bowlに出場することができました。 JXBでも皆様の応援を力に、BigBlueらしいフットボールをお見せ致します。 

BigBlueといえばQBのKevin Craft率いるハイパーオフェンスが代名詞ですが、今期強化されたディフェンスチームの活躍にも是非注目頂ければと思います。 

対戦相手の富士通オフェンスはBigBlueと同じくアメリカ人QBを擁し、爆発的な攻撃力を持っています。 全てを止めることは難しく多少進まれることもあるかと思いますが、BigBlueディフェンスの強みである粘りを発揮し、幾度となくタッチダウンを防ぎたいと思います。 

Defence Line陣の激しいラッシュ、Line Backer陣の素早く確実なタックル、Defence Back陣の勝負どころでのInterceptに是非注目ください!! 

IBM BigBlue LB#97 Yuhdai Kunikata

We always appreciate your support and help for BigBlue.  Thanks to BigBlue fan's great support, BigBlue advanced to the 28th Japan X Bowl first in the team history.  With the power from BigBlue fans, we are very sure that BigBlue will show you the superior and sophisticated football game suitable for BigBlue in the game. 

Many people imagine BigBlue is the team with the hyper offense system organized by QB Kevin Craft.  However, we commit that this season's BigBlue defense has already been built up and must be worth watching.

The opposing Fujitsu's offense is also organized by the American QB as same as BigBlue offense.  Their offense has the explosive power anyway.  BigBlue defense would be unable to block and tackle some of their plays and sometimes allow their gains.  But BigBlue defense will fully utilize our strong point that is great persistence, and prevent Fujitsu from getting TDs.

Defense is armed with tackle and pursuit.  We will never step back and will move forward aggressively!!  Please stay your eyes on the furious rush by Defensive Line, quick and certain tackle by Line Backer and pass intercept at the critical situation by Defensive Back!!

We want your enthusiastic shout in the game!!!



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