JXBに向けて: K/P#8 小田倉選手からのメッセージ


来るJapan X Bowlに向けて、各ユニット、そして山田晋三ヘッドコーチからファンの皆さまへのメッセージを掲載していきます。二人目は、キッキングチームを代表して、K/P#8小田倉選手からのメッセージです。
(English text is followed.)
IBM BigBlue K/P #8 小田倉 彦

IBMアメリカンフットボール部 BIGBLUEファンの皆様、ならびに、いつも大変お世話になっている皆様、いつもご声援頂きありがとうございます。キッカー 8番 小田倉 彦でございます。皆様の支えのお陰で、BIGBLUEは創部史上初のJapan X Bowl(以下JXB)に進出することができました。 




様々な武器を揃えたIBM キッキングチームが今シーズン、皆様をより一層IBMアメフトの虜にします。 


IBM BigBlue K/P#8 Genki Odakura

We would like to thank IBM Japan American Football Club BigBlue fans and all of people who always help us for your great support.  This is BigBlue K#8 Genki Odakura.  Your continuous support could bring BigBlue to the Japan X Bowl (JXB) first in the team history.

However, our goal is not just to play in the JXB but we will be the champion team in Japan.  To realize our ultimate goal that is the number one team in Japan, we will execute our best play and performance in the JXB.

This season's BigBlue has well been organized with the improved defense unit on top of the very aggressive offense unit so far called "Hyper Offense".  Both of offense and defense are exactly important in the game.  But I'm very sure that the result of kicking game will decide the outcome of the game.

Speedy kick returning, ball covering by all field players with hard hit and certainly counted field goal kick, and furthermore, field goal block that BigBlue had shown again and again in this season, all of those kicking plays will sweep Fujitsu off their feet and amaze BigBlue fans.

Varieties of kicking team's performances will make you crazy for IBM BigBlue much more than ever.

Please watch the IBM BigBlue's kicking team and enjoy our powerful and explosive plays in the game.  I personally commit I will perfectly execute my role as a kicker and punter, and go down in the game.

We greatly appreciate your zealous support to us in the JXB.
Let's fill the Tokyo Dome with Big Blue colors!



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