How to access to the X-League 2020 Game Videos


In the 2020 Japan America Football season, X-League which is the top of American Football league in Japan provides the game streaming service for all of X1 Super (Top Tier) and X1 Area (Next Tier) games except Japan X Bowl which is the Championship game of X1 Super.  These contens have been accessible worldwide and you can see the game videos, live streaming or archived video, with the following steps.

  1. Access the “X-League TV Powered By Eleven Sports” site:=>
  2. You will find the top page which consists of match-up banners like this:
  3. Click any banner so you will move to the streaming page or archived page.
  4. You will find more games by clicking the reded “More Pages” button at the bottom of the page.

The video service provides Japanese sound only.  However, some subtitles are provided with team logo and alpha-numeric characters so these would be understandable for non-Japanese fans.  The following captured screen is an example:

For kick-off time, Japan Standard Time (JST) is UCT+9 hours.  For instance, JST is 13 hours advanced against EDT (Eastern Daylight-Saving Time) in USA.  The time difference between Japan and US EST will be 14 hours after DST will end on November 1st.  The following list shows the BIG BLUE's game schedule with JST and EDT/EST as an example.

[ Noted on October 30th]
The X-League's YouTube Channel provides the game digest video of each 2020 game on top of many kind of videos such as practice videos by All Japan team, pre-game sessions for fans and game videos in 2019 and before.  Though all videos provide Japanese sound only, you may want to check the X-League's YouTube channel to enjoy Japanese American Football world. 



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