Code of Conduct at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki


X-League 2015 Spring Season games will soon start by Meiji Yasuda PIRATES vs. Metropolitan Police Department EAGLES this Saturday at the just renovated Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki, a.k.a. Kawasaki Stadium or Kawasaki Fujimi Stadium.  X-League has indicated the stadium rules in Japanese.  Following is the summary of the Japanese article.   Your excellent behavior according to the rules is highly appreciated to enjoy the games. 
Note: Any update in the linked Japanese article is priority to the following translated contents.
Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki promotes an environment where guests can enjoy their gameday experience under the following rules:
  • Smoking is allowed in the designated area only.  Especially, smoking in the stand and aisles are prohibited by the fire laws
  • Only stand area is allowed to take foods or beverages. Some vending machines are placed in the stadium
  • All of carry-in items must be secured by yourselves
  • Never block the aisles because those will be evacuation leads in emergency
  • Never stand on a seat for your safety
  • Keep clean in the stadium.  Trash boxes are available in the stadium
  • Banner and flag must be displayed within the “Approved Space” shown below.

The following are prohibited in the stadium:
  • Use of fire or flammable material
  • Use of musical instruments, klaxons, bullhorns, whistlers or any other noisemakers except the provided material by team or cheerleaders
  • Pets
  • Offensive or abusive language and/or behavior
  • Unauthorized marking, painting or preparing any material on the field
  • Any action or behavior against the ordinance or public order
  • Any action or behavior to spoil the stadium supervisor or any other person, or disturb public rule or order
  • Any action or behavior which violates the city and park law determined by Kawasaki City.
The following activities require the application and approval in advance:
  • Video recording and/or photograph for commercial purpose or profit
  • Delivery or sale of foods, beverages, goods or any other material.
(As of April 16, 2015)



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