DOMINATE'S Pizza様との協業発表


DOMINATE'S Pizza様との協業発表

(English text is followed.)
*** これはエイプリルフール記事です / This is an April Fool joke. ***

今シーズンのチームスローガン"DOMINATE!"繋がりから、今回世界的なピザブランドとして有名なDOMINATE'S Pizza様との協業が決定しましたのでお知らせいたします。

今後BigBlueでは、DOMINATE'S Pizza様のピザ製品をチームの栄養補給食品として全面的に採用するとともに、DOMINATE'S Pizza様ではBigBlueをイメージしたピザ商品を販売する予定です。

その第一弾が本日4月1日から、全国のDOMINATE'S Pizza店舗で発売開始されます。




Collaboration with DOMINATE'S Pizza is started

We proudly announce that BigBlue and DOMINATE'S Pizza which is one of the world largest pizza companies have started the collaboration work because both of team and company share the same impressive word "DOMINATE". 

From now on, BigBlue fully utilizes the pizza menu of DOMINATE'S Pizza as the source of nutrition supply.  DOMINATE'S Pizza also sell some pizza menu which is created based on the BigBlue's image and impressions.

All of DOMINATE'S Pizza shops in Japan start to deliver the following two pizzas today, April 1st. 

The first one is considered to supply much calorie to players.  A big pork cutlet like a football is placed on a pizza.  White asparaguses are also decorated on the pork cutlet like a football lace to provide the best nutrition balance.

The second one is a dessert pizza prepared for ladies and children.  Tasty strawberry jam is spread on the baked plain pizza base.  Furthermore, sweet and sour blue jelly which looks like the BigBlue's blue helmet is fully served on the jam.  At last, symbolic "B" like the BigBlue’s decal is drawn with white whip cream on the blue jelly.  This is simple but you never stop eating it!

Large and regular sizes are available for both pizzas.  The price excluding a tax is 1,200-JPY for large and 980-JPY for regular of pork cutlet pizza, and 780-JPY for large and 620-JPY for regular of blue jelly pizza.  Bring mouth-loving BigBlue pizza every time you come to the BigBlue’s game!



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